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Supply Chain Management

Textile supply chain management involves working with a number of suppliers to ensure that all the products arrive on time, not demaged and with the correct quantity. Which guarantees the next step of the process, meaning that  you will have the required materials to produce the textile products.

The most critical point of a company, involving various process steps is punctuality. Delays and disruptions anywhere along the textile industry supply chain will result in money being lost, when there is a late delivery.

We do manage all these steps to make sure that everything is on time and delivering correctly.

New Product Development

We specialise in developing innovative new textile products and combining textile with new technology through a blend of design creativity and engineering excellence.

With a highly experienced, team, we manage the entire development process to deliver market whaat they need and require.

Textile and Clothing Branding

We work closely with our clients to realise their aims. We are completing each objectives by considering the company’s vision. Some know exactly what they want their product to be like, and others come to us with a problem to solve.

New Market Entry and Partner Search

Entrants to a new market often look for alliances, joint ventures or partnerships to maximise the chances of success and minimise risk associated with new market entry.

-Do you intent to find nw clients or would like to find new material suppliers?

International Textile Retailing Services

By helping you comply with national and international regulatory requirements, including CPSIA (America’s Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act 2008), we ensure the quality, safety and sustainability of your products.

With years of textile industry experience in Turkey, we still maintain our contacts and especially between you and the apparel manufacturing companies located in Turkey. For any business partnerships with international companies, Globe Textile Consultancy will be by your side.

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