We offer you consulting expertise in textile industry...

About Us

High Quality Supply Management

High Quality Supply Management

Worldwide product supply management. We find the best suitable product and bring it.

Over 10 years  Industry Experience

Over 10 years Industry Experience

We are offering fashion brands consulting expertise in apparel sourcing, manufacturing and merchandising.

International Partnership

International Partnership

We can build new partnerships between the UK companies and Turkish market according to your needs.

About Us

Globe Textile Consultancy  is a textile consultancy company registered in the UK.

Our founder Mrs. Tahtali is a textile expert with more than 10 years of experience in consultancy services will range from industrial support for setting-up, improving and restructuring textile and clothing manufacturing operations to strategy and marketing services for new market entry, new product development, supply chain management, branding, retailing, partner search and future strategies build-up. 

Our Services

Supply Chain Management

New Product Development

Textile and Clothing Branding

New Market Entry and Partner Search

International Textile Retailing Services

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